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These repair guides are for a 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler (JK) Sport, Sahara, Rubicon and Unlimited Editions.

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TPMS Spare tire problem

I change all TPMS in my 5 wheels (including spare tire). All pressure is ok ... When we read the pressure on computer, everything is ok. Spare tire is 28psi but it read -0.7 psi on the computer. We tried a lot of thing also a reset but the light still on and the error message still indicate a pressure problem with the spare. Could you help ?

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Are these factory or aftermarket parts? And if you can, try changing them around, but since it is the spare it isnt a huge deal if you cant get it to work. Although it could always be a defective part and you need to just go and see if you can get it swapped out.

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