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1.5 Core Solo, 1.66 or 1.83 Core Duo, or 1.83 or 2 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. This covers the first Intel-based Mac Mini models from Early 2006 to Mid 2007.

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Upgrade OS Software from Tiger to Snow Leopard

Can I upgrade my Macmini2.1 Intel Duo Core running on OS 10.4.11 to SnowLeopard?

I have the CD for Snow Leopard.

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what year is it? What model #?


@pccheese It's work, but to find out what the OP has, you can go to Everymac, then to the model and search, you can get a general idea by the number.

So a 1,2 would be probably the second model in that line. The 2,1 is going to be the first of the next series. In this case the

Apple Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.0 Specs

Identifiers: Mid-2007 - MB139LL/A - Macmini2,1 - A1176 - 2108

Now you can change the machine icon so the OP can get to the guides.

Now you look at the specs on that machine down to about the bottom and find out about the system. Here it is:

Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.4.10 (8R3014) Maximum MacOS: X 10.7.5*

Usually to upgrade from 10.4 or 10.5 systems you first have to go to 10.6 do the updates to 10.6.8. Only now will you be able to take it to 10.7.5

Thus endeth the lesson for the day ;-)


@pccheese OK, the lesson is not over. If you would like to acquire a massive amount of points (like Mike does on his how to post images), write a guide on Mac identification, stating what I just said. Include putting in the serial number on the EveryMac site. Where to find serial numbers on different models. You would have points coming in from guide links, guide completion that are outside of getting them from points for answers and accepted answers. I'll be happy to assist with it.

This guide would be used several times a day.

Now you can answer the OP question knowledgeably. Tell him what keyboard command to use to boot from it. Then how to update it from 10.6.3 (what the retail disk installs) to 10.6.8. Then how to find, and download 10.7.5.


MR Farukhi Is the installation disk a retail Snow leopard disk or a machine specific grey disk meant for another machine?

Please forgive my use of your question to do a little teaching to one of our younger contributors ;-)


@danj there's a reason I didn't change the machine icon. I was trying to teach George.


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See >

You have a Mac with a Intel Core Duo processor, so you can install Snow Leopard. To check how much RAM you have got, open About this Mac, and check Memory. To upgrade to Snow Leopard, I recommend at least 2 GB of memory. You can buy more RAM at OWC or Crucial.

To upgrade to Snow Leopard, first buy Snow Leopard > Then, make a backup of all your files, insert the DVD and upgrade.

1. Insert the Snow Leopard install DVD into your DVD drive.

2. Double-click the 'Install Mac OS X' icon in the Mac OS X Install DVD window.

3. The Mac OS X installer window will open.

3. Select the destination drive for Snow Leopard.

After upgrading, open the Software Update, and install Mac OS X 10.6.8. As your processor is 64-bit, you can upgrade to 10.7.5, but only after upgading to 10.6.8.

Hope this helps!

(@mayer I admit I used copy and paste for much of it.)

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@pccheese Good. Can it be updated further?


@mayer satisfactory?


Tell about the maximum operating system. It looks good to me. How about that guide?


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