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Uno smarthone Android prodotto da Samsung lanciato nel gennaio 2017.

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Why is it not working after using it under water?

My phone don't want to be charged after using it underwater. And also the voice isn't in a good quality when someone called me or when someone sent me a message.

I thnik water ha affected it.

I used a hair dryer but nothing was solved. What shall i do?? Please help!

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nadamagued, The Galaxy A5 is the first in the A series of Samsung devices to achieve an IP681 rating. It’s dust-tight and water-resistant, so you can use it even in wet conditions. But water resistant does not mean water proof, as mayer stated in his answer best to se if covered under warranty.


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Since it is still under warranty, I wouldn't touch it or you risk voiding that warranty.

Take it in to where you got it and report your findings.

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