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Released in January 2010, model number is 1201N-CHT-SI01HP.

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My touchpad is not working. What could be wrong?


My touchpad is not working. I do not know what could be the issue?

Does any one has a possible fix for this issue!

Thank you,

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<Fn> + <F3> on and off your Touchpad


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Hello Mohamed,

Please check under the device manager and see if the drivers are recognized. You can access the device manager by right click the Windows Icon and click device manager. If the drivers are not installed, please go the following link.

In the link just download the touch pad drivers and install it.

Another solution can be to check if the touch pad is connected to the right socket by disassembling the laptop.

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you can press the function key if it didn't work you can plug an external mouse and reinstall the driver in case you don't know how to do this you first need to delete the current driver to do this right click on windows logo press device manager click mouse and other pointing devices delete the driver but be careful don't delete the driver of your external mouse then download the mouse driver you want from here

and i think this will fix any problem you have

please tell me if this work and tell me if it doesn't


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by the way this is an old and slow machine so you can expect errors


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