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The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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What hardware is causing screen splitting issue on LG G4?

I did a screen repair on a LG G4 because the screen was displaying a vertical split. I honestly believed that the lcd was at fault because usually that is what would cause something that looked like that. I replaced the screen only to have the new screen do the same thing. I have read tons of forums to find out that this is some kind of hardware issue, but have yet to find a solution. I am positive that it is hardware. But now I'd like to know what to do to fix it. There has to be something I can do. I watched a youtube vid of a person just holding a phone with this common issue. I read in the comments that somebody had heated the 'screen contact' on the motherboard (his words, not mine), and that worked for him, but he has no vids explaining that and no further comments on the vid. Any suggestions? To be more clear, half of the screen is either static or frozen.

Update (03/16/2018)

I never really solved this issue and it was returned to the customer. However, I have some better theory as to why this happens. My suspicion lies on the LCD connector itself, although I can't be sure as I no longer have this phone. It would be really helpful if someone could get some close-up pictures of that area. I'm sorry that I didn't :*(

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I also have the same problem with my LG 4. I presume I attempt the same procedures as for the LG 5?


I have the same issue after a screen assembly replacement. Did you ever find a solution?


Does anyone have a remedy for the G4?


I finally got mine to act normal ,it still glitches but not where I can't use it like it was ,i had to backup all my crap & do a factory reset , it's still a little weird sometimes but that should help


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This happen to me as well but my screen went black after booting past the LG logo. Later if I hold the power button the screen comes on displaying the power options with half static and the other half working fine. Oddly I would have to tap simultaneously in order for the LCD to catch the my touch. If I went into the recovery mode it stay on and displayed all the recovery options.... Weird huh, but the screen was still split but bearly noticable that it was split. I removed the battery unscrewed all the screws removed the cover on the CPU chip and got a heat gun and heated around the chips. The cover needs to be carefully removed in order to place it back on the motherboard. After a few minutes of heating I pressed down on all the chips(be careful it's hot!) and then held it until it cooled down enough to stick again. Carefully place the cover back on the chips and reverse the steps to put everything back together. Turn on the device and your problem should be solved.

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Thanks got mine working except that I didn't take any cap on my LG G5 :)


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How to fix LG G5 Screen Split issue using Heatgun.

Disassemble LG G5 using the link below.

Disconnect the Wifi Cable (Black One), Rear Camera, Front Camera.

Now with just the logic board, place it on a surface that won't melt.

It should look like the picture below. Warning don't take off anything else

Turn on your heatgun and apply left right motion only concentrating on the cpu metal plate for around 15 seconds.

Do the same thing on the opposite side of the cpu plate.

Let it cool down for around 10 minutes.

Put it back together and it should work.

I did it atleast four times, first time it worked but failed after few minutes.

Second and third time was not working at all.

The fourth time I did it, it was working.

It's been a while and it still going.

Credits to the poster.

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My display issues were bad enough that I was ready to replace the phone. It had always run hot but when the display went to half static and/or locking and jogging it was even hotter than usual. Installed a battery app and saw the battery temp was at 107-111 when the display was screwed up. When turned off for a while and cooled, the display was fine for a short while until the heat started to climb. Battery was a few years old but took a charge. In a last ditch effort to save the phone I replaced the battery with one in the $17 price range that was promoted as newly manufactured. Screen problem disappeared, along with the heat. Temp stays at 73-74 degrees now while streaming, playing Blitz and GPS.

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I spent a whole day researching this question - tried heating my phone with a dryer, multiple resets…..

I had given up.

Then I decided to go through my apps and see if it was a problem with one of them. What lead me to believe it was an app or software problem was that when I did a hard reset, the split screen went away - only when the phone first started up and then once I selected the language and went through the set up - the split screen came back.

So anyway, went through my apps and I found one that said: I found this in the column “all apps”.

I selected disable and force stop and DONE!!! can’t believe it was that easy!! And I was even going to replace my screen!!

I hope everyone who has this problem finds this thread and reads this. I don’t normally share things online but I felt compelled to after hearing how many people have had the same problem. I can’t believe I solved it!!!

You would think that the LG tech experts could easily identify this!!

Anyway I hope I have helped someone today and have saved them the hours that I spent - for nothing!!

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