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Guides for the Sony Vaio Tap 11 tablet. Announced on September 4, 2013 and released October 18th, 2013. Model number SVT112A2WL. The slim, sleek, and sexy cousin to the Surface Pro 2.

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Is it possible to upgrade the processor (e.g. 3560Y)?

I've got the Vaio Tap 11 with a 3560Y inter processor. Wonder if I could upgrade my system by replacing the processor with a better one.

  • Would this be possible?
  • Is the motherboard compatible?
  • What are (some of) the options for processors?
  • What's the way of working?
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You only option to upgrade the processor is by replacing the motherboard with a compatible one.

I am not sure that it will justify the investment.

I will recommend you to access the motherboard and find the exact model. Then check in Ebay for compatible replacement (including a different processor).

I could not find any documentation from Sony sharing technicalities to make our job better (as technicians).

You could try reaching team to see the official my opinion they will say that there is no way to upgrade.

Good luck and good repair.

JM - Montreal

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