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The Canon EOS 60D is a 18 MP DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera with an articulating LCD screen. The camera was released August 2010 and is identified by the EOS 60D printed on the front of the camera.

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Canon EOS 60D won't switch on


My Canon EOS 60D is about 10 months old. Can't get it to switch on - have fully charged the battery but it just flashes empty. Bought a second battery same thing.The battery door closed, tried with lens on and off, still nothing.

Any ideas?


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Try this:

Turn camera off. Remove lens, battery, memory card.

Press and hold down shutter release for 30 seconds.

Insert in following order:

Insert battery; try turning on camera; if no response, turn camera switch to off again go to next step;

Insert Lens; try turning on camera;

Should be working at this point. If you now insert the card and get the same problem again, try a different card. Also try formatting the problem card.

My card wouldn't format in a PC but did successfully format with the camera.

As the Canon tech explained, this process clears the camera of any corrupted data and error messages. It is often caused by cards that are not functioning optimally.

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When you say "flashes empty" is that the flashes on the charger? If it's blinking slowly on multiple batteries then it isn't charging them correctly. If something is showing up on the camera screen when you switch it on, then I think you can rule out the battery door as the problem. If I recall, the camera won't do anything if the door isn't shut properly. Look and make sure the contacts for the battery inside the camera's battery slot is clean and has no corrosion issues.

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hi i've the same problem as well ,i believe is the door sensor .if i just place the battery in it will not flash but once i close the door it start to flash and I'm still looking for and answer.

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It sounds like your door is working correctly. When you close the door it changes the state (no light to blinking light) which means the camera is detecting the door was closed. This moves you more towards it being another issue in the camera.


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i have got same problem . i consulted with the technician , he said i have to change the mainboard which cost me around 500$(too expensive) . . i also searched in youtube for repair. as in the video it used to happen due to breakage of communication of mainboard and battery due to small screw , and that screw we have to tight as per video suggestion. i still what to do ? please give me good suggestion.

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Hi,pull the board and test all connection points on board and body.fix any problems,it doesnt take much to break a trace.microscopes are great but a mag glass will do.look for cracks on board.Thats where i would start.

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