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Annunciato il 9 settembre 2014, questo dispositivo rappresenta la prima incursione di Apple nel mondo dell'elettronica indossabile. I manuali di riparazione iFixit sono applicabili all'Apple Watch (acciaio) e Apple Watch Sport (alluminio).

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Replaced digitizer not recognizing touch

I recently replaced the digitizer on my Apple Watch but I did not replace the LCD. I followed multiple guides to make sure every thing was going correctly. I ordered one digitizer/glass unit from Amazon and it did not work. I figured it was defective so I ordered one from iFixit, who I trusted more. It did not recognize my touch either. The only thing I didn't do was apply LOCA glue because it wasn't needed as far as I was concerned. Any help with this issue?

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I repaired an apple watch myself, but I used a full digitizer/LCD unit.

Although you probably tried this already, when I firstly reassembled my apple watch, touch wasn't working either, but only because the connector wasn't connected properly, although I was convinced I had it connected correctly. Maybe checking this could help you out.

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@klausibert which was the connector which was not connected properly? The one linking on the top left of the watch from which the display ribbon cables start?


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I have the same issue and ordered a new digitizer to replace it, Did you ever find a fix? Apple wants to charge $200

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