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A beginner’s level quadcopter released in 2014. The UDI U818A can record video and still-shots from the air, and has a battery capable of 7-8 minutes of flying time.

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What is the mode button on the remote controller for?

The mode button on the controller changes from mode 1 to 2, and I don't know what the meaning of it is.

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The mode 1 is the initial state from power on, the drone will be in a low speed operation for beginners and windless environments. Mode 2 is selected by pressing the mode button on the remote, the drone will be put into high speed operation for faster response and high wind resistance. Pressing the mode button again will cycle back to mode 1 as desired.

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The mode button on most remote control devices is to change the channel for wireless transmission. There should be one on the drone as well. It could be a fuse like thing that you switch to a different set of pins.

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OK just looked it up. The mode button makes the drone more and less responsive.


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