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The dv5-1125nr is an multimedia entertainment laptop that features a 15.4" display, a built in camera, and toggle touchpad

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Serial number not found


I'm Bojan and I have HP DV5 and it doesn't start up.

For some time, on boot up my laptop, I've received message Serial Number Not Found and Press Enter to continue, after that Windows boot up. But few days ago I've got black screen and message Serial Number Not Found and that's it.

I cannot enter BIOS or anything.

I tested HDD and it's OK.

I tested RAM and it's OK.

When I disconnect HDD I managed to access BIOS and in Info section Serial number missing, CPID are zeros and some other data are missing or zeros.

It seems that I need to enter eeprom and try to fill missing data. I have all necessary data except CPID. It should be sticker somewhere on laptop but I cannot find it!

Do you have any suggestion or advice?

Best regards

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boki0002000, this sounds like a motherboard issue. Other than calling HP support and seeing what they have in store, I'd check this link out. Right now you really do not have anything to lose, so might as well give it a try.

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Hello oldturkey03

Calling HP support will be last option, I just want to try my best before that and also to learn something from this unpleasant experience.

Thanks on advice...

Best regards


And also, I'm aware of this option with modifying eprom, and you are right it may help... I need to open laptop to try find CPID sticker because it is'n below battery or below RAM slots... It's probably somewhere on motherboard...


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I just ran into this issue. it is in fact maybe a motherboard issue. Note if your out of warranty they your best bet is to do it yourself if your tech savvy.

First I recommend to replace the CMOS battery which you can get one from a rite aid etc. Now bare in mind that once you replace the battery and you go through all the steps below this paragraph, then later the information is lost a again meaning you get that serial error then you can determined that the motherboard is really bad.

Second copy down the:

S/N: maybe on sticker at bottom

P/N: maybe on sticker at bottom

Model# maybe on sticker at bottom

PCID which is located under the battery via white sticker

Next what you want to do is to re-write these to the bios. go to the page below and download the Rufus software to create a bootable USB drive. Also you will need to download the file "HP DMI"

All the links to these files can be found here : and there is a readable instructions on what to do but I recommend using the you tube video link once you have prepared the USB.

Once you have prepared the USB, go to the you tube link below

and follow this step by step via the YouTube video link below

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