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The Comfort Zone CZ6C is a light gray portable desk fan. It has a six inch blade, two speeds, and a hinge mechanism on its neck.

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Why is are my fan blades not spinning quickly?

I found this fan in my garage and for some reason the blades won't spin fast enough.

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It's probably because dust has accumulated on the blades. You will need to cleanse the blades of any debris. The blades should return to its functional range and speed.

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Lol dust does NOT slow down a fan.... that’s literally the laziest dumbest answer I’ve ever heard


It has to do with the wiring harness getting old and oxidized mainly. You can try to clean oxidation not unlike with a so,daring iron but a bit more. But dust on blades blows off a fan it doesn’t slow it down lololol.... Sorry I couldn’t resist


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