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A 10-megapixel, point-and-shoot camera developed by Canon in 2010.

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Why won't my camera turn on?

I have had my Canon PowerShot G12 for a while now, but now it hasn't been turning on no matter what I try. I have the charger I received with the original purchase and have never had problems. Could there be something wrong with my camera?

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There are a few reasons a camera may not turn on.

  • The battery could be low on energy or old and corroded.
  • The battery terminal is dirty.
  • The circuit connector is broken.
  • The power button is broken.

Some solutions to this problem are:

  • Charging or replacing your battery.
  • Replacing the circuit connector.
  • Contacting the manufacturer for information on power button replacement, repair, and warranties.
  • Cleaning the battery terminal with a dry cloth.

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