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What value are these LCD TV LG M2762D-PC capacitors?

Hello all,

I have this LG TV M2762D-PC, this is a combination of TV and computerscreen. Bought it in april 2010. Use it as a TV and worked great till yesterday. 10 seconds after powering up, the display went black, sound was still ok. The remote control still worked for on/off and volume, but could not change channel anymore.

I managed to open the TV and take out power supply.


Block Image

No bad caps but one burned BLUE ceramic 'C'. There is nothing marked on this 'C', so I don't know what value this is. It looks the same as the other blue 'C's on the pcb.

1/ anyone can tell me what value this ceramic 'C' is?

2/ I guess this is not a multilayer pcb. As you can see the damage on the pcb, is it still ok to repair this pcb by replacing the 'C' or should I look for a replacement pcb?

I already have done some repair on monitors (bad caps) and mobile phones (replace digitizer and lcd), so I can handle a solder gun. :-)

Block Image

Thanks for reading and even more thanks for any answer that can help.


UPDATE 03/03/2015:

Today I managed to take a macro photo and see some identification on the other ceramic capacitors.

It says:




Block Image

I think this is high voltage capacitor (6KV)

Anyone can help? Where to buy these?

UPDATE 21/08/2016

Almost one and a half year later, after replacing the burned capacitor and replacing the other one that changed color as well, the unit is still working, but there was this burning smell...

The pcb now looks like this!!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Is it the chemical residue from the old burned capacitor that caused these damage?

Time to look for another pcb I guess...

Any suggestion welcome.

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Thanks a lot Oldturkey03,

Your answer was very accurate and helpfull.

Googling 3PAGC20002A-R or PLLM-M901D learned me this is a common problem with this pcb. I will search in a local shop (electronic components) first.

Greetz from Belgium.


Yes, very common problem with the circuitry in that model. Glad I could help.


Last update:

Yesterday, I received the ceramic capacitors 5pF 6KV and installed them. This TV works great again. Thanks for helping me out.


Where did you purchase the capacitors?


Hello Darlene,

I have found these capacitors in a local shop (electronic components).

There is also the answer from oldturkey03:

Hope this helps.

Greetz from Belgium.


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Pierre, that is a Ceramic Disc Capacitors .LV SL6KV 5D = 5pF (0.5) & 6kV (6000v) (5pf 6000V Tolerance=+/- 0.5pf). Available at part No: 81-DEC1X3J050DC4BMS1

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Hola Pierre, siento no contestar en ingles, te explico lo que yo comenzaría hacer, primero desoldar ese condensador quemado, limpiar en lo posible la mancha negra de la placa, y así intentar ver la numeración donde estaba ese condensador quemado (C4xx), si no puedes ver la numeración yo me fijaría justo al lado contrario de la placa donde hay 4 condensadores azules y ver cual numero (C4xx) es el que no se repite comparando ambos lados, y el que no se repita pues intentar soldar y probar, yo apostaria por el C402, saludos, espero ayudar en algo es mi primer post en ifixit.

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Hello Antonio, I don't speak Spanish, sorry.

I translated your answer:

Hi Pierre, I feel not to answer in English, I explain what I would start doing first unsolder this capacitor burned, the black plate wipe as much as possible, and thus try to see the numbering where was this blown capacitor (C4xx), if you can't see the numbering I I would set just to the opposite side of the plate where there are 4 blue capacitors and see which number (C4xx) is that is not repeated by comparing both sides, and that will not be repeated because trying to weld and test, I potara by C402, greetings, I hope to help in something is my first post on ifixit.

Congratulations on your first post.

I did remove the bad capacitor. It says c418 underneath.

This does not tell me the value of this capacitor.

As you can see I took a macro photo of a good (same) capacitor.




Ola condesador original e 6kv3D


Ola condensador original e 6kv 3D


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