but not the LCD display

I am also having a similar issue with a used 2009 15 inch Mac Pro that was dropped with a broken LCD that I bought on Ebay. The clam shell lid frame was broken and missing several pieces, I managed to find a used clam shell lid and used LCD for a fair price locally, and straightened the bent corner as best as I could so the mag safe connector board would fit, and it now boots, has the chime, and external video on the mini port, but not the LCD display. On Mac Rumors I saw a post that the fuse is on the backside side of the LCD connecter, is that the correct fuse for the WLED Inverter driver chip for the backlight?


Here is the forum link.


Regards, Jose F. Medeiros

San Jose, California

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What are the last four digits of your computers serial number? Those will assist us in properly identifying your hardware.


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