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The Gateway P5WS0 Laptop is also marketed as a Packard Bell Laptop in some countries. The P5WS0 is part of the NV Gateway series and can be identified by model NV57H58u.

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How do I replace the keyboard?

How do I replace the keyboard on my laptop? I know that there is a tear on the left shift key pad that I found after removing the key to clean a sticky substance that I thought was the issue.

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how would ou clean under the trackpad on this laptop? i have the same one and im wondering cause i need to clean mine


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Hi Hurley,

As far as i know with the knowledge of the same model but from Packard Bell this laptop has sort of a "unibody" like a macbook.

U would have to remove the complete top cover by removing the screws sitting at the bottom and lift the top cover up as a whole to get to the keyboard.

Mind you that most of the times these top covers are extra mounted with clips so it might take a bit of effort to remove it. I would suggest to start from the front (the side of the touchpad) and move forward towards the back.

Hope this helps you in any way.

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