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Support for the CQ57 series of Compaq notebook computers.

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Why does it not start?

it keeps saying automatic repairing windows

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Windows start up may have corrupted. Repair disk will resolve the issue. If you don't have repair disk then you have to format the system.

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my computer would not come on i press the power button caps light blink power and internet light blink but won't come on

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Got same problem .


Have the same problem


mine shows no sign of power in it

you'll have to buy a new windows CD which is about 80$ or 120$ depending on the version (64/32 bit, home, pro, etc)

The easiest fix is to get a windows installation media dvd/usb/network and delete every partition when asked in order to make a new one for windows. You'll lose all your data though.

Use that windows cd, when booting press f# (it should be displayed what to press) and select the windows CD. Everything from now on should be an easy graphical enviroment

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