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Released in early 2010, the M11x is Alienware's first foray into small gaming laptops. It has an 11-inch screen, and Intel Pentium or Core 2 Duo processor, and an Nvidia graphics card.

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What is the processor socket?

I am wanting to upgrade the processor, I would like to know what the socket is, as well as the compatibility of other processors, for example an i7.

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Dillon, to answer that, we will need more information. I believe that the standard processor on that model Alienware is a SU7300 which uses socket BGA956. It is a Penryn-3M and as such they are always soldered on using a BGA956 package. To absolutely verify this, you want to check on here to explore your complete system configuration. Hope this helps, good luck

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Hey Dillon, sorry but in the M11x R1 the CPU is soldered to the mainboard. Also, if you could upgrade the CPU, you likely wouldn’t get a big jump in performance due to thermal throttling…the CPU is only as good as it can be cooled and the capabilities of the thermal solution in the M11x are limited due to the small size of the system. Also the GPU and CPU share the same heat pipes, and the 335M GPU needs most of it. Alienware engineers probably selected the SU7300 for this reason. However, there is some good news. I was able to overclock my M11x R1 from 1.3GHz to 1.7GHz via the BIOS and it is stable, and as long as the heat sink and fan are kept clean, it does not have any CPU or GPU throttling issues. Make sure you utilize both RAM slots and have an SSD installed, also since we’re talking about a 7+ year old machine, it is a good idea to replace the thermal compound - I recommend Arctic MX-4. I have done all the above with my M11x and it runs pretty dam good.

Hope this helps!


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