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Released in June of 2009, the 1005HA is identified by its "Seashell" design, and is available in many different varieties in regards to operating system, internal storage, and battery size.

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How to replace the DC power jack?

I have been having troubles charging my computer, after messing with the charger thinking it was a short in a wire I noticed that the pin inside the power jack on the computer is bent. How would I go about fixing this or replacing the jack all together?

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Fletcher, take a look at this video it shows you the how. The part is available at multiple places like this

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Thanks that seems to be the right part but for the video all it shows is that the person fixed their issue not how they did it. But it seems simple enough to desolder the old jack and resolder the new one on.


Sorry about the video, could not really check it due to work obligations. However, I should have the service manual at home. I will let you know as soon as I get there.


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In my case, the loose pin was stuck in the power adapter. As the power jack is instable due to it's small size and soldered very well onto the board (I did not make it to remove it from the board), I replaced it by a bigger one. Of couse, that did not fit into the case anymore. I attached two cables to the board, layed them outside the case and attached a new power jack. Add some hot glue and and superglue and it's a lot more stable then ever before.

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Derrick/activelid, Waterloo,Ontario,Canada., or


Asus EeePC power socket pin broken off , was brought to me for repair .

I carefully removed external screws and then the keyboard sort of pops out of place with a twist of a flat driver near the upper corner. Removing the screws under the keyboard and the lower (steel) screw exposed in the ram compartment, will allow you to pull apart the lower shell which will expose the remaining (mainboard) screws. Once the Mainboard(left hand) is unscrewed carefully remove the Video cable (top side), the hard drive Transfer cable (right side near top) and fli[p the locking pins on the other ribbons (right side middle and near bottom) to release them from accessories boards on the right.

Grasp the Mainboard with your right hand and gently pull towards the left side in an upward manner , then pull to remove from the left orifices of lower case.

Please note separation of the support plate and bottom shell will be fragile and could break the (clips) but with a fine screw driver (flat) start at either bottom corner and pop the clips gently up one side then the other side, finishing across the flimsy top rail.

With main board removed flip over to see the socket , examine the solder joints (4 ground case secure the socket in place on the sides are two contact solder joints . Leave the case in place but carefully solder an insulated wire to each side contact and join them above the socket Then locate the center pin contact at the rear of the socket. Solder a White wire to that and a Black wire to the joined side contacts (this will keep your polarity correct, white is positive)extend the wires to allow an unrestricted reinstal of your main board, but be sure to extend them out the socket case hole for approximately 4 inches to allow an external socket (audio rca male and female ends, or earphone male and female ends will do). The voltage is relatively low (19v DC) so you can make a good connection (solder) and insulate each wire with electrical tape then enclose the single wires with another wrap of tape. This will ensure they don't fuse together blowing your power pack with your choice of socket (audio rca or earphone) replacing the original male end.

Thanks for viewing my reply Derrick Gray, Activelids Links/Derricks Helping Hand,

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I love the ide of simply soldering extension wires to the old jack, but once you bring the wires outside the computerand attach them to an external socket, what device do you use to charge the computer? Obviously the old charger won't work. Actually, if you have any idea how to add wires to the legs holes that stick down into the motherboard and add them to the mix of wires that would be fantastic now that I've taken off the old jack and maybe could apply this solution without having to put a new jack in. (Wsh I'd seen this before removing the old jack and now having to try to put a new one on-yech!).



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