When you try to do a Factory reset through the Android system recovery menu, you can't navigate normally. This is common problem with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. The light cursor is moved only if you press the Volume button twice - then it will move through two menus.

Where is the problem?

When you press Up or Down once, it does actually change the selection, but the system doesn't refresh the screen.

Here's the solution:

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Open the Android System Recovery menu.
  • Open the Android System Recovery menu.

  • If your tablet is stuck on the Android robot with exclamation mark picture, press the Volume Up or Down button.

  • Now, if the cursor is on "reboot system now", press the Volume Down key twice to go to "apply update from external storage", and just once to go to "wipe data...".

  • The cursor will stay on "apply update..." but the real selection will be "wipe data / factory reset".

  • Press the Power On button to select it. In the next menu you must choose "Yes - erase all user data".

  • Use the same technique to choose it. And finally, "reboot system now".

No volume buttons and home button wont navigate

Joy - Replica

If the cursor is on "Apply update from ADB", press the Volume Down key twice to go to "wipe data/factory reset" and choose it with the Power On button.
  • If the cursor is on "Apply update from ADB", press the Volume Down key twice to go to "wipe data/factory reset" and choose it with the Power On button.

  • On the next screen press press the Volume Down 3x to go steb before "Yes --delete all user data".

  • Press another one time the Volume down button. The cursor will not move, but actually you are on the "Yes -- delete all user data" and you can select it with the Power On button.

  • .

  • Did you do it successfully?

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it's making download for android and tab not conectected with internet

Emad Refai - Replica

Hi, kindly help me to reset my password in creen?

Thanks a lot

ever.maldo - Replica

i have a problem i forgot my password in my screen.

ever.maldo - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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When i factory reset through the Android system recovery menu, i can't navigate normally.

I fix it now,thank you very much!

AndroidDataRecovery - Replica

Fix all data. System

Macky Villanueva -

I can't do it it just does up with a different thing

irirangihammond - Replica

My samsung galaxy tab 3 doesn't work when i select GSM/WCDMA auto mode. Only working GSM . Help me

dalha - Replica

There is a new App called "FonePaw Android Data Recovery" which can recover files on the internal storage and the SD card. The trial version can scan your deleted contacts, messages and more. but it has some restrictions.

hamiltoncharles20 - Replica

Wow I did not know this.ill try this way and thanks for the benifit

issammax147 - Replica

For me, TunesBro Android Data Recovery is much better than the default one. it can recover all kinds of deleted files on Android.

fsmanchies -

If you the data was not overwritten by new data, then you can easily restore your data from Android phone, I suggest try Mobiledic Android Data Recovery, it works with my Samsung S5, maybe it works with yours.

Jimeaslly - Replica

When the menu was gone, you'd better to recover it back with Android Recovery Software. I have done this before and it doesn't happen again thanks for the help of that app.

sharonsl - Replica

When I do this, on the begginig my tablet shut down. Now I can't do anything, it doesn't want power up or charge :(

Mini A - Replica

I got to the page where I gave to select yes but it jumps 2 spaces up and down and jumps past the yes option. How can I do it

Brittany - Replica

Thanks for sharing.

If you have synced the data before, you can recover from the backup file. If not, I think you should not add more data to your device anymore. Then, it is better for you to try some professional android recovery

methods, like disk digger or Recuva, or you can also try third-party data recovery programs.

Lena Fong - Replica

As far as i know, you can still recover lost data android before they were overwritten by new data, an android data recovery could get them back without any backup file, no matter what kind of reasons you lost them.

helenwhite - Replica

This is a great post. Helped me easily navigate the recovery menu on my bricked phone.

fsmanchies - Replica

By contrast, i still like to using the recovery tool to restore lost files from Android phone ,it can scan some of deleted photos from my Android SD card,

Tamster - Replica

Yes it worked thank you

Jesse Brook - Replica

My maylong tablet has no volume button and home button wont select wipe data

Joy - Replica

I sone how activated voice active and my tab is locked and says I have a 4 pin but I never entered one. PLEASE HEL0!!

April Morris - Replica

Thanks for sharing so many interesting technical articles. I have read most of them and gain lots knowledge. And I want to share some technical articles with your reader. And I also know a good tool do well in navigation in the Android phones, or you can just search on Google with FoneDog for more detail.

Agle - Replica

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