Use this guide to remove the LCD screen from the Game Boy Advance.

  1. Take the battery cover off by releasing the locking tab and hinging the cover away.
    • Take the battery cover off by releasing the locking tab and hinging the cover away.

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  2. Remove the six back panel screws using a Tri-wing Screwdriver.
    • Remove the six back panel screws using a Tri-wing Screwdriver.

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    • Remove bottom back panel screw with a Phillips #1 screw driver.

    We recommend you change the the screw head to a Phillips 1 so you don't strip the screw. (Something we experienced)

    Adriano Agostino - Replica

    • Remove the back panel by pulling away with one hand and the front secured in the other hand.

    • Removal of the back panel may cause shoulder buttons and side panels to come loose and fall off.

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    • Remove left and right triggers by lifting and pulling them away from the system.

    • Do the same for side panels

    • For finicky or jammed triggers only. Adjust and correct triggers and reassemble. Most jammed triggers are caused by buttons misplaced or jammed in its enclosure.

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    • Remove the gray On/Off Switch by pulling up and away from the unit. Replace with another switch if necessary.

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    • Remove the three screws on the circuit board with a Phillips #1 screw driver.

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    • Pull circuit board away from the front panel by pulling up at the bottom of the circuit board, keeping the top ribbon still connected.

    • Handle with care! The ribbon connecting the circuit board to the LCD screen can easily be damaged and will require replacement if broken.

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    • Remove the rubber button pads from their pockets.

    • Remove the plastic buttons and the D-pad from beneath the rubber pads with tweezers or by hand.

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    • Carefully note the brown colored locking bar that shims the ribbon cable in it's housing so it cannot slip.

    • Using a nylon stick (or some other ESD safe probe) gently push both sides of the locking bar up.

    • Now the ribbon cable should move freely. A careful prod using your nylon spudger should be able to free the cable. This should barely require any force at all. Otherwise, check that the locking bar is fully disengaged.

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    • Use the spudger to lift the screen from the front panel. Place the spudger in the space directly left of the D-pad.

    • The screen and the front panel is connected by a black tape that could rip if not removed carefully.

    Friendly warning. My LCD screen broke during this step. The tape can really hold it in there.

    Chris Raybould - Replica

    So do I! So the best solution to avoid it is to airdry the front cover to melt glue...

    Nicolas Puyet - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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