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For additional help, check out the Xbox One Wireless Controller Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Xbox One Wireless Controller 1537 (7MN-00001), was released in 2013 and is bundled with the Xbox One gaming console as well as sold separately. It is a fairly new device in the gaming world but has proven to be a widely popular controller nevertheless. This controller shares some resemblance to its predecessor, the Xbox 360 controller, but changes have been made:

  • The Start and Back buttons found on the 360 controller have been replaced with the Menu and View buttons, respectively.
  • The triggers on the Xbox One controller have been mounted with individual rumble motors to enhance the gaming experience.
  • The thumb sticks feature a coarse texture on the edges to allow the gamers’ fingers to grip the thumb sticks better.
  • The Xbox button now glows white when the controller is switched on.
  • The standard color of the controller is all black; however some limited edition colors have been released.
  • The X, Y, B, and A buttons are the only colored parts of the controller.
  • The controller also features a micro-USB cable at the top of the controller to enable charging while plugged into the console and connecting for use with computers.

The controller can alternatively be identified by a label inside the battery panel on the back that reads "Wireless Controller for Xbox One".

Additional Information

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