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Background & Identification

The Sony PlayStation Vita Slim can be identified by being a hand held entertainment device. The color can be different between different models. All of them of them should have Sony in the top left part of the system It should also say PSVita in the middle of the device below the screen.

This system was created by Sony and it should be able to connect to the PlayStation network. From there you can buy games directly from Sony or from any store that has PlayStation Vita Slim games in stock.

The differences in appearance between the PlayStation Vita Slim and the PlayStation Vita are small. The quickest way to tell them apart is by looking at the PlayStation button the front of the device. On the slim model the button will be a circular shape, while on the older one it is an oval. You can tell the biggest difference when the screen is on it will be dimmer for the Vita Slim then it would be for the original. As the original was brighter but it tended to burn out faster. The Vita Slim was also less thick, and lighter weight.

Additional Information

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