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Background and Identification

The Dell XPS 8500 was released in 2013 and was sold as a high-end consumer desktop by Dell. It has been superseded by multiple replacement systems and is long discontinued.

To identify your system as an XPS 8500, the model is located on the I/O shield on the back of the system. In addition, the model number can also be verified with the service tag.

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Service tag locations

  • Top case cover (COA location for Win7 variants)
  • On the back of the chassis (Barcode)
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Specifications (Read note for additional information)

Note: As these systems were customizable (or preconfigured in multiple ways), it is impossible to provide factory specifications. Check the service tag on Dell Support (under System Configuration/Original configuration) to see what yours shipped with.

  • Processor: LGA 1155 Core i3/5/7 Ivy Bridge (3XXX)
  • Memory: 8-32GB
    • 16GB max (i5)
    • 32GB (i7)
  • Graphics: Dedicated or Integrated, but typically dedicated.
    • Dedicated video systems can be identified by port covers over motherboard video ports or a POST message if these are not present. The card must be removed to use the onboard video with these systems.
  • Wireless: Not available on all systems from the factory, but was an option at the time.
    • The page author's system came with an ath9k based DW1703 installed. If the system comes with a low quality card or the footprint without one, it can be installed later on.
  • Hard drive: Check system specifications.
    • Typically ranges from 1-2TB on higher spec systems or 500GB for base models.
  • Optical drive: SATA DVD±R Recorder (DVD/CD burning compatibility).
    • Can be upgraded to a Blu-Ray drive if this is not sufficient.
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