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Work for a few companies as their in-house hardware & network support. Helping people to find best solution on ifixit and with consultation Teacher for OS utilization


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iPhone 7 camera lens replacement

How to replace the iPhone 7 rear camera lens

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Texas Instruments TI BA II Plus Teardown

These are basic steps for taking apart a TI BA II Plus financial calculator

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Samsung Galaxy A20e Display Replacement

Follow these instructions to replace the display assembly (including frame)...

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Texas Instruments TI-80 Back Casing Replacement

This guide shows how to remove the back casing to access other essential parts.

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Texas Instruments TI-80 Motherboard and Screen Replacement

This guide shows you how to remove and replace the motherboard and the screen...

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Texas Instruments TI-80 Keyboard Mat Replacement

This guide will show you how to access the keyboard mat and explain what to...

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Texas Instruments TI-80 Button Replacement

This guide will demonstrate the proper procedure for removing and replacing...

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iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Teardown

A side-by-side teardown of the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro shows 5G advances...

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iPhone 5s SIM Eject Lever Replacement

Replace the SIM eject lever in an iPhone 5s.

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iPhone 5s Pentalobe Screws Replacement

5-point Pentalobe bottom screws replacement.