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Work for a few companies as their in-house hardware & network support. Helping people to find best solution on ifixit and with consultation Teacher for OS utilization


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iPhone 1st Generation Battery Replacement

Battery not lasting long? Swap it out (requires...

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Sanyo CX 110 Teardown

We disassembled this calculator on April 17, 2010.

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Texas Instruments TI-82 Teardown

This is a basic teardown of the venerable TI-82...

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Disassembling Monroe LA5-160 calculator completely

Completely disassemble a late 1920s / early 1930s Monroe LA5-160...

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iPhone 4 Contact Clip Replacement

This is the clip that goes right next to the battery connector. It is...

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GD Midea FT30-3D Fan Blades Replacement

How to replace the fan blades if they are damaged.

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GD Midea FT30-3D Oscillation Mechanism Replacement

Replace the Oscillation Mechanism in your GD Midea FT30-3D fan.

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Disassembling GD Midea FT30-3D Bottom Base

Removing the base support and the bottom base cover for access to the...

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Texas Instruments TI BA II Plus Teardown

These are basic steps for taking apart a TI BA II Plus financial calculator