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MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro Troubleshooting 

Computer Runs Slow and Crashes


"The computer starts up fine but at times runs slow and crashes." 


Not Enough RAM


You start up your computer it runs fine but when you start playing a game or doing a memory intensive task the computer runs extremely slow or crashes. This means you may have an issue with your RAM follow, in which case check out our guide on how to replace RAM.  


Computer Randomly Restarts


Upon starting your computer, you go and try to install new drivers and in the middle of the install your computer restarts. This could mean you don’t have enough RAM or you have an issue with your RAM (possible damage from over-heating or a power surge for examples), in which case you may want to check out our guide on how to replace RAM.  



Computer Will Not Power On


"Nothing happens when you try to turn the power on." 


Faulty Adapter


Check if the adapter is plugged into the wall and laptop properly, and check to make sure the charge light is on.  If it isn't, you may have a problem with the adapter and should consider purchasing a new one. 


Faulty Battery


The light on the adapter is on and the computer powers on when connected but when you disconnect it, the computer won't power on regardless of how long it is plugged in. The issue might be that your battery needs to be replaced, in which case you should follow this guide on how to replace your battery.  



Computer Is Slow To Turn On


"When the computer is starting-up, it takes a while to start running. " 




There are a few ways to know if your SSD is failing. One way is files cannot be read or written. They are being blocked from writing data to the drive.  Another way to know is you are having start-up failures.   If this is the case, you may want to check out our guide on how to replace the SSD card. 



Files Will Not Save


When you try to save a file, an error message pops up saying file could not be saved.   When this is the caser,  


Faulty Hard Drive


A hard drive can be faulty by physical damage or heat or even corrupted files on the device.  Another obvious reason is when files do not get saved or get re-written.   In order to properly save files again, you may want to check out our guide on how to replace the hard drive. 



Distorted Audio


"The computer turns on and works fine, but the speakers either make no noise or produce a distorted noise; or a noise that differ from what they should be in a way that makes it difficult to comprehend." 


Audio Won't Play


Make sure volume is on, and not on mute, while at a noise level high enough where you would hear it.   


Loose Headphone Jack


If the headphone jack thinks there is something inserted in it, the sound will sometimes not be played externally.  Make sure the headphone jack is empty and clean, and try plugging in head phones to make sure the device has the capacity to play sound.   If the headphone jack appears loose, it may need to be adjusted or replaced.  For help either replacing or adjusting the headphone jack, check out our replacement guide. 


Distorted Audio


Many MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro users have reported speaker problems with their devices.  This includes always hearing the sound too quietly regardless of volume, or hearing sounds that aren't nearly as clear as they should be.  Some have reported their speakers simply weren't connected properly for whatever reason, others claim the speaker itself doesn't work.  For help replacing or reconnecting the speakers, check out our replacement guide. 


Faulty Driver


Another source of the problem could be in the sound driver, which is another problem many users have reported.  The solution to this may be updating or reinstalling, perhaps a newer version of, Nahimic.  To do this, you can follow this link; MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro Audio Drivers to the drivers page, where you can download or update Nahimic.  This is the easiest approach, but can also be achieved from going to the MSI website (, clicking on "products" and selecting the MSI GS63VR 7RF.  From here, click on "service", then "drivers", then "audio", and from here you can download or update Nahimic. 

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