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Cal Poly, Team 7-52, Forte Fall 2012

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How to clean TI-Nspire buttons

How to remove dirt buildup causing buttons to stick.

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Connecting TI-Nspire to a Computer

One function of The TI-Nspire is the ability to connect it to your computer....

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TI-Nspire Battery Replacement

By replacing the batteries and making sure the keypad is connected in the TI...

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Connecting the Keypad

Learn how to correctly install the keypad into the calculator.

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How to Remove the Back Plate of a TI-NSpire

This guide will teach you how to remove the back plate of a TI-NSpire.

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Adjusting Contrast on TI-Nspire Calculator

This guide will aid in adjusting the contrast settings of the TI-NSpire...

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How to Run MirageOS on TI-NSpire

This guide will assist you to make MirageOS with your TI-NSpire.

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How to Cancel an Ongoing Program

This guide will help you escape an ongoing program.

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Calculator is Stuck While Graphing

This guide will help you how to cancel a graphing process that is taking too...