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  1. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown, Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 1, immagine 1 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown, Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 1, immagine 2 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown, Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 1, immagine 3 di 3
    • Here's what the Mate 20 Pro brings to the ring:

    • 6.39" AMOLED display with a resolution of 3120 × 1440 (~538 ppi)

    • Huawei Kirin 980 chipset: Mali-G76 MP10 GPU and an octa-core CPU (2x 2.6 GHz Cortex-A76 cores, 2x 1.92 GHz Cortex-A76 cores, and 4x 1.8 GHz Cortex-A55 cores)

    • Triple rear cameras: 40 MP ƒ/1.8, 20 MP ƒ/2.2, and 8 MP ƒ/2.4 lens with 5x optical zoom

    • 24 MP ƒ/2.0 selfie cam

    • IP68 dust/water ingress rating

    • Android 9.0 (PIE)

    • Facial recognition hardware, and an under-display fingerprint sensor

  2. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 2, immagine 1 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 2, immagine 2 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 2, immagine 3 di 3
    • Face to face with Huawei's champion from last season, the Mate 20 Pro sports a newly notched, curved display.

    • This notch grew a little compared to that of the P20 Pro, making space for the new sensors needed for the 3D face unlock feature.

    • The Mate 20 Pro swaps out the rear fingerprint sensor for a third camera. But is three enough to keep up with the competition?

    • Our Mate 20 Pro is dressed up in the industry-standard glass sandwich, but the rear glass isn't quite as standard as it looks. Huawei applied a non-slip, fingerprint-resistant coating to help prevent slippery accidents.

    • The Mate 10 Pro's loudspeaker holes give way to the the SIM and NM card tray in the Mate 20 Pro.

    • Undaunted by a fragile rear glass panel thanks to recent teardowns of glue-filled competitors, we grab our heat gun and get to work.

    • Some heat helps the Mate 20 Pro to relax before our standard tools finish the job!

    • Thanks to the relocated fingerprint reader, there's no danger of tearing delicate flex cables while removing the rear cover.

  3. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 4, immagine 1 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 4, immagine 2 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 4, immagine 3 di 3
    • We just got here and we're already facing one of the Mate 20 Pro's new features—the bi-directional wireless charging coil.

    • The Mate 20 Pro's charging coil is both a transmitter and a receiver. Huawei wants you to use it to charge their AirPods competitor, Freepods.

    • Eight screws later, we remove the midframe assembly, which is home to the wireless charging coil, the NFC antenna and the dual-LED dual-tone flash.

  4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 5, immagine 1 di 2 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 5, immagine 2 di 2
    • At first glance, the motherboard looks free to jump right out, but a closer look reveals nine flex cables holding it in place, plus an antenna cable.

    • Like the P20 Pro, the Mate 20 Pro sticks to a relatively small motherboard, leaving room for a wider battery.

    • With the 3D face unlock hardware and the triple rear camera taking up more motherboard space than usual, Huawei had to cut some camera holes and change the layout a bit.

    • After prying away some loving arms flex cables, we manage to remove the motherboard along with the rear cameras.

    • ...which are easily removed after disconnecting two additional flex cables. Praise our good old friend the spudger!

    • The Mate 20 Pro has three rear cameras:

    • Top right: 40 MP, ƒ/1.8, 27 mm-equivalent wide angle lens

    • Bottom right: 20 MP, ƒ/2.2, 16 mm-equivalent ultra wide angle lens

    • Bottom left: 8 MP, ƒ/2.4, 80 mm-equivalent telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom

    • The P20 Pro's monochromatic camera is ditched for an ultra wide angle lens, ideal for landscape and macro shots (at a minimum focal distance of 2.5 cm).

    • Even with three cameras, Huawei says the brains behind this hardware is what will really make your images shine.

    Do 3 Cameras all have OIS?

    Or juat tele photo camera has OIS.

    sa_dit - Replica

    The “tele photo” sensor does not have a 5 time optical zoom.

    40 MP vs. 8 MP itself makes clear that this is definitely not even close to an truly “optical” zoom.

    And it’s not 5 times. 80 / 27 = 2.96. It’s a 3 times “zoom”.

    Tim R. - Replica

    The ultra wide angle lens has a focal distance of a 16 mm-equivalent. The telephoto lens with an equivalent of 80mm therefore provides a “5x optical zoom” (80/16=5). The resolutions of both cameras (20 MP and 8 MP) are not taken into account for the zoom calculation.

    Tobias Isakeit -

  5. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 7, immagine 1 di 2 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 7, immagine 2 di 2
    • With the cameras out of the way, the motherboard takes center stage. Here's what it has to offer:

    • Toshiba THGAF8T0T43BAIR 128 GB Universal Flash Storage

    • HiSilicon Hi6421 power management IC

    • Skyworks SKY78130-21 front-end module for WCDMA/LTE bands 8/12/13/20/26/27

    • Skyworks SKY78132-52 front-end module for WCDMA/LTE bands 7/30/40/41

    • Skyworks SKY78131-21 front-end module for WCDMA/LTE bands 1/2/3/4/25/34/39

    • Skyworks 7360-2A 04115.1 1821 MX RF module

    • HiSilicon Hi6422 envelope tracker

  6. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 8, immagine 1 di 2 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 8, immagine 2 di 2
    • On the backside we found:

    • SKhynix H9HKNNNEBMBUDR-NEH LPDDR4 (likely with Huawei Kirin 980 layered underneath)

    • NXP Semiconductor PN80T NFC controller w/ secure element

    • HiSilicon Hi1103 Wi-Fi chipset

    • HiSilicon Hi6363 RF transceiver

    • Texas Instruments TPS1879C1 display power management (likely)

    • ON Semiconductor FSA4476 USB type-C analog switch

    • ON Semiconductor NLAS2750 dual DPDT analog switch

    Main board made by Taiwan Unimicron and the sub board form Founder

    Peng - Replica

  7. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 9, immagine 1 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 9, immagine 2 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 9, immagine 3 di 3
    • We snoop around the notch area and pull out the familiar-looking front camera / 3D face unlock assembly. It doesn't seem to completely mate up with what Huawei showed during their launch event, but our best guesses include:

    • Dot projector

    • 24 MP, ƒ/2.0, 26 mm-equivalent lens, borrowed from the P20 series

    • Rangefinder / proximity sensor

    • Flood illuminator

    • Ambient light sensor

    • IR camera

    • Rectangle of mystery

    There is a notification led on the front on the right side of the speaker grill, maybe that’s what you’re missing.

    I think that the pink rectangle is the flood illuminator and the green rectangle is actually the notification led.

    Tito Reinaldo - Replica

    Salut , j'ai abîmé la reconnaissance facial (carré bleu ciel la), je la trouve où cette pièce à l'achat ? :(

    oceathys - Replica

    Hello oceathys, not sure if this part is available ready-made as it is. But a DIY solution might be to get some diffuser foil (try a photography store) and cut it to size. If you really want to go tinker style you could try a white backing paper ;)

    Tobias Isakeit -

    salve ho un problema nel senso che non mi va piu’ ne sensore di prossimita ne sensore di luminosita’, ho preso un ricambio ma solamente il sendore di luminosita sembra andare mentre quello di prossimita’ non funziona e lo vedo da app android info…puo’ essere che bisogna ripristinare il telefonoa lle impostazioni di fabbrica per far si che il sensore di prossimita’ sia riconosciuto oppure il ricambio risulta rotto?

    Francesco Stefanile - Replica

    Caméra avec huawei mate 20 pro

    hamiduo Kirakoya - Replica

    Caméra avec huawei mate 20 pro prix

    Moi numéro de téléphone 22507 07 78 02 34

    hamiduo Kirakoya - Replica

    Caméra avec huawei mate 20 pro prix

    Moi numéro de téléphone 22507 07 78 02 34

    hamiduo Kirakoya - Replica

    • We use a pair of tweezers to dig out the last bits behind the motherboard.

    • The missing piece: a small interconnect board for the power and volume buttons. We find the following chips:

    • IDT P9221 wireless power receiver

    • Lattice Semiconductor iCE40LM1K-CM36 iCE40 FPGA

    • Cirrus Logic CS35L35A audio amplifier

    • Texas Instruments LM3644 1.5 A camera flash LED driver

    • With the Mate's brains dissected, it's time to head towards the other end of the phone and check out its fancy footwork.

    LMIK36 B8283V26 PHIL

    35L35A B1AG1527 SG

    871 3644TI C37H

    what are the three chip model/name and his function?

    Jacky BigHead - Replica

    Hi, mein WLAN fällt immer wieder aus seit 1 Woche, alle meine anderen Smartphones funktioniert WLAN super. Außer bei meinem Mate 20pro. Die anderen beide sind auch mate 20pro.

    Welches teil ist für Wlan verantwortlich ??

    Welches teil muss ich auswechseln um wlan ordentlich zu haben. Mfg

    Umar Meti - Replica

    What does Charging IC looks like and where it is located?

    Herald Enciso - Replica

  8. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 11, immagine 1 di 2 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 11, immagine 2 di 2
    • SIM trays aren't ordinarily exciting, but this tray happens to support a new memory card format called nano memory (NM).

    • The new NM cards are nano-SIM sized expandable memory (45% smaller than a normal SD card) and can offer a maximum read speed of 95 MB/s.

    • Huawei makes the NM cards themselves, eliminating potential phone slowdown due to low-quality SD cards.

    • The smaller format also allows this SIM/NM tray to be smaller than a traditional dual-card tray.

  9. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 12, immagine 1 di 2 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 12, immagine 2 di 2
    • Just like in the P20 Pro, the USB-C charging port is mounted to a large flex cable. This means if the charging port fails, you'll only have to replace the main cable—instead of a more expensive daughterboard, as in the Google Pixel 3 XL.

    • Another similarity to the P-Series: no 3.5 mm headphone jack. USB-C headphones are included along with a 3.5 mm adapter.

    • Yet, the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Lite both still have a headphone jack. Maybe Huawei isn't quite sure if USB-C alone is the future.

    • The other port, a SIM reader, is mounted to a small board, and planted near the coin-style vibration motor.

    • Moving swiftly along, we take a closer look at the Mate's power plant.

    • To our surprise, we find some orange pull tabs on the left side of the battery, containing a short guide how to remove it—we love guides!

    • We're happy whenever we can extract a battery without having to break out our iFixit Adhesive Remover—in this case, we just needed a little help from an iOpener to unseat it.

    • The battery weighs in at an unprecedented 16.04 Wh (4,200 mAh at 3.82 V).

    • In terms of raw capacity, that beats just about everyone—including its predecessor (15.28 Wh), the iPhone XS Max (12.08 Wh), and even heavyweight Samsung Galaxy Note9 (15.4 Wh).

    • We unleash a multi-headed heat-gun serpent—we named it Pat—which blasts through the curved display's IP68-rated adhesive.

    • There is one last big secret we need to explore to give Huawei's newest fighter a ranking—the 3120 x 1440 pixel, 19.5:9 ratio (~538 ppi density) display!

    • For the numbers fans: the iPhone XS has 2436 x 1125 pixels (~458 ppi), the XS Max has 2688 x 1242 pixels (~458 ppi), the Pixel 3 XL has 2960 x 1440 pixels (~523 ppi), and the S9+ has 2960 x 1440 pixels (~529 ppi).

    • An opening pick or eleven dramatically improves this smartphone's aerodynamics, and helps us pry up the display.

  10. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 15, immagine 1 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 15, immagine 2 di 3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 15, immagine 3 di 3
    • Thought we were done already? Not yet! Last, but certainly not least, let's take a closer look at Huawei's new finger-reading tech.

    • The fingerprint sensor is made by Goodix and sits under the AMOLED panel, though Goodix markets the tech as an "in-display fingerprint sensor™".

    • The fingerprint flex cable contains a Goodix GM181 fingerprint controller.

    • The sensor isn't capacitive (like most familiar sensors such as Touch ID), but optical. This is reportedly similar to the sensor found in the new OnePlus 6T.

    • The sensor looks at your finger, which is illuminated by light from the display. Then the sensor uses the information it captures to create an image of the distinctive valleys and ridges of your fingerprint.

    • And underneath the display: a Synaptics S3718 touchscreen controller.

    Rigid-flex PCB for OLED moudle made by Korean NewFlex

    Peng - Replica

  11. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Teardown: passo 16, immagine 1 di 1
    • That's it! The fight is finished, and we retreat to our corner. There will always be new challengers in the smartphone market, but this round is now at an end.

    • If you would like a nifty wallpaper as a souvenir, you can find one here!

    • Wanna be the first to break the teardown news? Sign up for our press list and get the inside scoop!

  12. Considerazioni Finali
    • Many components are modular and can be replaced independently.
    • Battery replacement requires removing only the back panel and midframe.
    • Only standard Phillips screws are used along with an average amount of adhesive.
    • Because of the sandwich build around the motherboard, there are more flex connectors than average and repairs will consume more time.
    • Glued-down front and back glass means greater risk of breakage while making repairs difficult to start.
    • Screen repairs require a lot of disassembly while battling tough adhesive.
    • A broken screen probably means you need to replace the fingerprint reader as well, or vice versa.
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35 Commenti

Hi. May I know if there are any waterproofing seals or gaskets around the power /volume buttons? Something similar to the note 7?

Ken S. - Replica

It isn’t possible to see if there’s an extra plate with gaskets like in the Note 7 or the P20 Pro because of the mid frame plastic, that covers the volume and power buttons. We assume that the pins of the buttons run through a tight fit hole in the frame and there’s possibly a small rubber ring or gasket to guarantee the IP68 rating.

Dominik Schnabelrauch -

where is the loudspeaker?

Chao Shu - Replica

The loudspeaker sits on top of the USB-C charging port and the SIM/NM card try. You can see it in the last picture bottom left.

Dominik Schnabelrauch -

When will you be doing a teardown of the Mate 20X? I’d like to see that!

Will - Replica

Do 3 Cameras all have OIS?

Or just the tele photo camera has OIS.

sa_dit - Replica

Only the telephoto lens has it.

Dominik Schnabelrauch -

excelente trabajo

David Molina - Replica

Hi, what your estimated cost be to replace a cracked screen?

Saint - Replica

What is the cause of the green tint among LG screens in Mate 20 Pro? Thank you in advance.

steve.o_800 - Replica

Reading some forums on the internet one can believe it's most probably related to a previous issue with LG where they prematurely delivered AMOLEDs without having them properly cured under a UV light, in other words half-baked organic panels.

Helmi Shashaah -

May I know the border size of Screen?

Deandre deng - Replica

Hey guys, I accidentally poked the mic hole beside the sim tray with a sim removal tool. Did it reach to the Mic and damage it or did I damage the rubber thats protecting the Mic? Hope you guys can help. I’m worried that I damage the mic and the rubber. Thanks

danelectr - Replica

where bluetooth antenna ? when wireless charge my phone in car - bluetooth not work..

kozindn - Replica

Hi. What if I accidentally pushed the sim card pin on the secondary microphone located above the phone, will it possible to damage the microphone or the integrity of its water resistant?

jerone1925 - Replica

Hi jerone1925,

a similar question was asked a little while ago regarding the I inserted the pin in the left bottom microphone. I can let you know that the build of the microphone at the top of the phone, is the same as the one in the pictures you see in the link. I can’t give a guarantee but because of that it’s unlikely that you damaged the microphone or affected the water resistance.

Dominik Schnabelrauch -

May I know how many pieces of the FPC they are using? 10? Thank you!

Hsun-Huang Chen - Replica

Is the rear camera glass cover seperate from the back cover. Or is it one piece.?

Peter Farber - Replica

Hello Peter Farber,

the camera cover of the rear camera is a single part, that can be separated from the back cover of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. However it’s usually shipped out combined with the back cover.

Dominik Schnabelrauch -

È possibile sostituire il bordo di metallo se abbozzato? Intendo la bordatura metallica della scocca frapposta tra pannello posteriore e anteriore

sara_charmed - Replica

Hi! Between the dual flash and the bottom left camera there seems to be two tiny sensors side by side. Do you know what they are and their purpose? Thanks

João Carones - Replica

Hey João, this module with its two sensors is most likely a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor for the rear cameras.

Tobias Isakeit -

Hi, you know who is the coil manufacturer?


javier.b.r - Replica

Replaced battery from two different suppliers, phone will not pass start up screen using either battery, connect original battery phone boots up fine. Any ideas

neilrelf - Replica

Fake batteries.

Gorilla -

Can you please make the teardown available as wallpaper?

Marcel Westhoff - Replica

Hi Marcel,

Here you are! I have also added it into step 16 of the teardown.

Arthur Shi -

Hi! Ich habe nicht richtig aufgepasst und den Piekser zum rausholen der Sim-Schublade ins Loch nebenan gesteckt. Und als wenn das nicht genug wäre, hatte ich zuvor einige Videos geschaut, wo gesagt wurde, dass man recht kräfig dort gegen drücken muss, damit die Schublade rauskommt. Nun hab ich ehrlich tierisch Bedenken, ob die Dichtung nicht defekt sein könnte? Kann mir da einer weiterhelfen oder hat den gleichen Fehler gemacht?

Oliver - Replica

Hi Oliver, die beiden anderen Löcher an der Unterseite machen einen 90° Knick. Erst dahinter sind die Mikrofone verbaut. Solange du also den SIM-Piekser nicht “um die Ecke” gedrückt hast, kann da nichts passieren. Diese Frage kommt mittlerweile häufiger vor bei der aktuellen Modellen mit Anordnung von SIM-Slot und Mikrofonlöchern nahe beieinander. In diesem Bild kannst du den Verlauf vom Loch außen zur gummiumfassten Öffnung innen erkennen, auf dem dann das Mikrofon liegt (besser sichtbar an der rechten unteren Seite; unten links ist es genau so).

Tobias Isakeit -

Can u replaceglass by removing just the glass layer and not have to touch the back

Daniel Li - Replica

Thank you for the wallpaper! Do you sell original battery for mate 20 pro? I bought mine at Bangkok on January and i love it (dropped my s9+ instantly) but it started to show shorter battery charge time as expected to happen eventually, despite all care…

Albert Einstein - Replica

Hey, we’re already on it—Mate 20 Pro batteries coming soon.

Tobias Isakeit -

tengo una duda, después de abrir el teléfono y sellarlo, pierde la resistencia al agua?

gerard.1412 - Replica

Es muy poco probable que logre la misma resistencia al agua después de abrir el teléfono y volver a sellarlo.

It’s very unlikely to achieve the same water-resistance after opening the phone and sealing it again.

Tobias Isakeit -

what does mean probably we have to change the fingerprint? if the screen it is broken but the fingerpint does work could i not change it?

Marco - Replica

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