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Originally known as the Pathfinder Armada, the Armada was designed (in 2001 by Diane Allen) for the North American market and introduced in 2003 for the 2004 model year.

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Why won't my Armada start?

Everything powers up just as if it's going to start, but I turn the ignition and I hear tick, tick, tick noises. Lights, radio, heat/ac, etc all are on, just ignition doesn't fire

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Hi Tonya,

Have you tried jump starting the car? Typically when I've gotten the tick, tick, tick noise it's been because the battery, while not completely dead, doesn't have enough charge in it to crank over the starter. The starter takes a LOT more power than anything else in the car; for example the radio may take 5 amps to run, but a typical starter will draw something like 200 amps.

I'd suggest a jump start or just plain charging the battery as your first step and see what happens after that. Most auto parts stores here in the US will test your battery for free and can usually charge a dead battery, so that might be something to consider.

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@tonyabates your engine needs three things to start. It needs fuel, air, and "fire". Let's try and figure out what it is missing. Does the engine turn over like it normally does or is it slow and sluggish. Turn your headlights on and try to start your Armada. Do the headlights dim, does the radio stop working etc.when you try and start it. If yes, then this could be a battery issue but it could also be a starter issue (drawing to many amps) Go ahead and try the boost as previously suggested. BTW, also check your battery cables. If they are severely corroded, you could have the same starting problem.

My concerns is the tick, tick, tick noise. This could be a fuel pump issue as well as a relay issue. Let us know what general area you hear the ticking from. Onc we know that your engine at least turns over and tries to start we can get further into this.

The air will be last, once we got your issues narrowed down and know more about what your Armada does.

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