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Repair and disassembly information for Logitech's ergonomic MX Vertical wireless mouse. Released in 2018 and identified by model number M-R0074.

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Right-click switch doesn't work after replacement

Hi everyone,

I recently had trouble with the left-click of my Logitech MX Vertical mouse. Following this replacement guide I replaced both of the switches.

now the left-click is working perfectly again, HOWEVER, the right-click isn't working anymore (it was working fine before). I replaced the switch again, and it hasn't improved.

I don't think I missed something while putting it back together (I followed the step by step instructions to a T and checked everything), but maybe I unknowingly damaged something doing the repair, any Idea what could be the cause? Any suggestion?

Here are some picture of the board and switch (After the replacement), maybe someone with an eye sharper than mine will see something I've missed...

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I've just tried this repair. All seemed to go well enough, but I found it quite difficult to remove the faulty switch (in my case it was the left one, which had become insensitive / sporadically unresponsive), and I was concerned I had put too much heat into the PCB. Still, soldering the new switch appeared to go well, so I reassembled. Unfortunately the left button now makes a nice click, but doesn't actually do anything. The right click is fine, as it was before. Slightly frustrating.

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