Device isn't charging or booting

Let me give you a bit of backstory, I have a galaxy S7 edge it's severely damaged, no back, charging port fried so I can only use wireless charging, camera and screen are screwed and liquid damaged.

When it was in contact with liquid I shut it off, took it apart and dried it out with a hair dryer, then to be sure I aired it out overnight and used isopropyl alcohol

It worked fine after that for a few days, one day I wanted to use it and went to put it on the wireless charger, it shows the battery icon for a long time then shows a blank screen and shuts off, the blue light on the charger blinks indicating it's not charging, I used eucalyptus oil to get rid of any water damage left.

I've tried force restarting the phone by pressing power, home and volume down and it boots into download mode but when I choose to restart it goes back to the battery icon and shuts off

Please help me Im planning on restoring this phone and it's a gift from my dad!

Update: I got it on the galaxy S7 edge screen but it doesn't go any further

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