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Smartphone by Orbic, released in November of 2018.

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Sim stuck inside phone. Just sim not the tray

Somehow the sim fell out while trying to install sd now it is stuck and wont come out

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All you can do is to open the phone and try to get the SIM card out from the card reader somehow.

Here’s the ifixit Orbic Wonder Battery Replacement guide, which will help as it shows how to open the phone so that the card reader is accessible etc.

Be careful when handling the phone and disconnect the battery as soon as it is accessible, to minimize any potential electrical problems when trying to remove the SIM card etc. You don’t have to remove the battery, just disconnect it. Even though the phone is off there is still power available at various points on the systemboard as the power button is not a power isolating button. It merely signals the CPU to turn the phone on and off etc.

Also it may be prudent to backup the phone to the cloud or a computer before starting to open the phone, just in case, using the phone’s backup feature. It never hurts to have a recent backup.

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Thank You for the fast reply. I appreciate it. Have a good day


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