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Bottom half of my screen keeps flickering

I've had my OnePlus 6 for about a year and 5 months. This problem with my screen flickering started at around the 1 year mark. It seems to me like it's when the device is cold it's worse and get less and less noticable when the phone gets used/heated up a bit

Tried contacting the place I bought it from but since it had a warranty of only 1 year I couldn't get any help from them with the issue I had.

Now, the only thing I can think of is trying you guys online, who might know what to do about this… I don't know how to upload fotos atm, but will find out how to do if anyone asks for them :D

(Am on phone, which is why it's difficult to figure out)

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The screen goes fully black sometimes completely blocking the view, and other times it is just a bit greyish


Buddy,I have the same problem on my Oneplus 6...Please Suggest me some good help...I am worried about it


It might be a faulty screen so I'd suggest you replace the screen or deal with the flickering


I haven't yet bought a new screen but I am going to do it and report back to ya :)


But..The original Display Costs much


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I read about the DC setting ..I checked mine it was already on so I've turned it off and no screen flicker no dark patch …seeing how it goes!

Settings-utilities-one plus lab- DC setting -,off

Try it

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You're amazing. Thank you


HI, it seems i have the same issue, i have one plus 6T. the lockscreen doesn't flickker at all, but as soon i unlock the phone the flickering starts, its not permanent though, happens at the phone's convenience. and i dont have one plus lab or dc settings on my phone it seems.


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Hi @olian ,

When the screen is black, try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to check if there is an image there or not. It will be very faint if it is there.

If it is there then it is a backlight problem. As it is only affecting one half of the screen it most probably is an internal screen fault

If there is no image there it may be a loose screen flex cable connection on the systemboard or a faulty screen.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Smontaggio OnePlus 6 guide.

This should help you to open the phone so the screen flex cable connection can be inspected (cleaned?).

If this is not the problem then most probably the screen assembly will have to be replaced.

Replacement screens are available online. Just search for OnePlus 6 lcd screen part to get results for suppliers of the part

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@jayeff can't really say I have experience with opening up a phone and don't really have a kit to do so..


@jayeff probably should note that I can see through the display no light shining needed but it's this annoying flickering between completely see through to somewhat see through so barely see through


@jayeff and I think it's when the phone gets hot it goes away and when it gets cold again it comes back dunno if the cable has anything to do with that? Might be a component like a capacitor or something that's not seated correctly or smthn like that.... Idk tbh


Hi @olian ,

I did mention about the possibility of a loose screen flex cable connection.

Usually with electronics when things heat up they fail more not less and when it is cold less often. That is why technicians when testing for a problem sometimes use a "freezer spray" on components of interest that they suspect are overheating to see if the problem stops when the spray is applied.

In your case a loose connection is the more likely as when metal heats up it expands and it might expand enough to make a good electrical connection again. When it is cold it contracts therefore an electrical connection may be lost or is high resistance. We are talking about fractions of a millimetre here as it doesn't take much to lose an electrical connection especially at the low voltages used in a phone.

The only way to solve your problem is to open the phone and first visually inspect the screen flex cable connection, verify that it is securely latched and not loose and then disconnect the cable and inspect the cable end connector strips to ensure that they are clean and maybe not oxidized etc and also inspect the systemboard connector that the cable is inserted into.

If that all appears OK and it still fails to work properly when the cable is re-inserted then the only thing left is to temporarily replace the screen with a compatible known working one and check what happens.

If the problem is gone and you can't make it happen by handling the phone in the normal manner, then the problem was in the old screen.

You cannot repair a screen you can only replace it.

If the problem is still there then it is on the systemboard. You would need access to the schematic diagrams to view the circuit for the screen power supply and video feed etc to help locate where the problem lies.

Usually the problem is in the screen though as there are more fragile connections in a screen than on a systemboard

If all this seems too daunting contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote.

By now you should already know the cost of a replacement screen


@jayeff thank you for your quick reply. I'll try a reputable repair service as I dont fancy destroyi g my phone if I try something like that and I'll check back with you or anyone here if it works or if it doesn't :)


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This will help you

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The only answer is replacing the screen im afraid. When the screen does this, it's because the LCD is fcked. I replaced my screen and it works just one now. No black screen or anything else wrong. It's expensive yes, but if you can get a warranty on the parts replaced I'd do it. Then you'll have a phone which works 4-5 years in the future.. I'd say it's worth it but y'all might have a different opinion.

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