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Dryer stops and rotary selector looses power after about 20 seconds


My Maytag Gas Dryer Model Number MDG4658AWW has a rotary selector to choose mode (Regular/Permanent Press/Delicate) and dry time. When I press on the rotary selector, it starts motor.

The problem is that the motor stops after few seconds, usually half a minute. This happens even if the dryer is on “Air Fluff’ mode, so that the gas burner is not needed and not started.

Following are my findings.

  1. The rotary selector seems to loose power randomly, sometimes when I am rotating it, the led displays stops showing anything for about 5 seconds, after which they start showing power.
  2. When the dryer stops, after starting in any mode, the power led blinks.
  3. I entered the diagnostic mode, and viewed the error codes, it shows “Power Failure” error code. I have to enter diagnostic mode and quickly press the button for error codes, before the above noted LED loss (assumed power loss) occurs again, because if I am not quick enough the whole things resets and I have to enter the diagnostic mode again.
  4. I tests all components/sensors on the wiring diagram with a multemeter and everything checks out.
  5. I am thinking it might be a relay on the control board, or the board itself, but there is no burnt component on the circuit board.

Wiring diagram:

Block Image

Block Image

Please help.

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Hi @benthefixer ,

What is the model number of the dryer?

You may have to start checking for voltage using the wiring diagram to see where the problem is.

Be careful if you do this as I assume that lethal voltages will be present.

Can you post a picture of the wiring diagram so that others may be able to help?

Here's how to post a picture on ifixit

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Hi Jay,

Thank you for looking at and advising on my problem. I have added the model number and wiring diagram to the question .

I checked voltage on few random points and it was ok. The behavior of LED lights is the only additional symptom. Do you think it could be a bad Motor Relay on the control board? Can it be tested somehow? There is no sign of damage or burns on the control board.


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It turned out to be a faulty circuit board. I replaced it and all works as expected.

Jay thanks for your help in troubleshooting.

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Hi @benthefixer ,

I’m wondering if you have a faulty motor.

Perhaps an open circuit run winding.

When you start the dryer, the control board operates the motor drive relay on the board which supplies power to the start winding and the run winding of the motor. Both windings are used to provide enough magnetic power to start the motor turning from idle. Is the motor slow to start?

When the motor runs up to speed, the centrifugal switch in the motor operates and disconnects the start winding from the power as only the run winding is now needed to maintain the motor running at the correct speed. If the run winding is open circuit the motor will stop when the switch operates.

This may be detected by the control board but I’m not sure of this

It will be difficult to do a static test using an Ohmmeter on the motor (i.e. no power connected) as both windings are connected in parallel between terminals 4 and 5 on the motor terminal connector.

You would have to check if there is voltage at terminal 5 of the motor terminals when the motor first starts, which there should be, and then see if it is still there when the motor stops, (also check on motor terminal 4), assuming that the relay on the board hasn’t released.

You can also check if there is a constant voltage supply on Control board connector PS5/13.

This is the input supply to the control board.

You said that you tested all components, so assuming that the door switch is OK there should always be power available, both active (L1) and neutral (PS5/15) at the control board.

Be safety aware when you go to test as possibly lethal voltage is present at the control board and in other places in the dryer.

If you don’t know how to test for high AC voltages then don’t!. Leave it for the experts.

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The motor starts quickly. The centrifugal switch can be seen moving. The door switch is ok.

I will check power at points you noted and report back.

Thank you!


Hi Jay,

There is constant voltage at PS5/13 at all times.

The voltage on both Terminal 4 and 5 of the motor is good (120) when motor starts and is running. Both Terminals loose voltage when motor stops.

As terminal 4 is connected through thermal fuse, I performed another test. I disconnected the wire which connects motor Terminal 4 to the thermal fuse and checked voltage on the other terminal of the Thermal fuse. When start is pressed, the voltage on Thermal fuse reads good , motor obviously doesn't start. Then after about 20 seconds the motor drive relay clicks and Thermal fuse looses power.

So, it seems like the control board is cutting power. I checked the resistance on the Thermistor NTC, it's 15.78 K Ohms at 67 F room temperature.

Do you think the Thermistor could be bad?


Hi @benthefixer ,

It could be but I don't know the specifications for the thermistor.

Are there any markings on it that can identify it enough to be able to do a search online using the information to find out the specifications?

You could try taking it out of circuit and heating it up with a hair dryer and use an Ohmmeter to see if the resistance decreases as in the link below.

Here's a link - not your model thermistor which shows how the resistance decreases with temp increases so maybe you can check if your behaves the same.

Unfortunately it is not a cheap part to replace just to check if it is the problem if it is this part #31 - base, heating and motor parts.

Although having said that this link states that a faulty thermistor can cause the dryer to shut off too soon.

The other thought that occurred to me is regarding the rotary timer switch.

You said that it loses power intermittently,

Perhaps you can find out which wires on PS1 feed the power and earth to the rotary dial timer and check if that is stable at the rotary dial timer connections without trying to start the dryer.

Was wondering if the power circuit to or through the timer fails then would the dryer stop because control board has lost info from timer.

It appears from your tests that the control board is shutting off the power for some reason.

Is there a board number printed on the control board?

Perhaps a schematic for it could be found online using the board number to see how it controls the motor drive relay


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