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Il Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) è uno smartphone di classe media della serie Galaxy A. È stato presentato da Samsung nel febbraio 2017 insieme al Galaxy A5 (2017) e al Galaxy A7 (2017).

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Using smd rework station


I am quite new to mobile servicing. I want to use smd rework station. While doing so, there are much opportunities for the damage of nearby components . Are there any ways to avoid damaging such nearby components?


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Yep, there two ways that I use to shield surrounding components of what you are heating up.

  • Apply Kapton (Yellow non-conductive) tape to surrounding components
  • Use thick metal objects that absorb heat well like a penny / coin (if needed)

Pre-heating the board to something like 80°C will make it easier to remove the component being heated.

Avoid using a small nozzle as they are prone to blowing surrounding components away for the heat gun and don’t heat components for too long when putting them on to the board.

For a lot of my re-work I use 380-480°C depending on the heat required, this will vary between hot air stations so might want to practice removing and putting back SMD components / BGA components on dead boards first.

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