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Released January 2016, Identified by model number BDP-S3700

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Is it possible to open drawer if player won't power on?

player was damaged due to electrical problem.

Common solution given by Sony and others does does solve power on problem.

It’s dead.

Is it possible to open the drawer without destroying the disc that was inside when the player died?

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Usually you have to take the cover off and remove the dvd player so you can slide the tray out. It only takes a couple of minutes.

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Every disc-playing device has a small hole on the front side. This hole is for powerless ejecting the disc in case of a powerfailure. Have a look at the tray and put a needle, nail or something else thin in the hole and press on it. The tray will open and release the disc.

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paper clip preferred.


@ruggb A professional paperclip is the better tool for sure ;-) 👍🏻


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