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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Panasonic Smart Viera TV no red standby light won’t switc

My electricity popped on main switchboard & TV went off, there’s no red light showing for standby. This isn’t the 1st time this has happened as TV has long spells of not being used. In the past your suggestions have worked perfectly but unfortunately not on this occasion!

Have retried your advise ie unplugging / holding standby button on back of tv for 60 secs / Holding both volume & standby button on back of tv for 60 secs / Checked fuse etc to no avail. Was hoping to have a lazy Sunday in front of TV but don’t think that’s gonna happen!! HELP

Thank you so much….

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How do I put my Panasonic Viera TH50PX70A on standby. Can only switch on by power button on TV.


Hi @pete0404pete ,

If the TV is on, try pressing the Power button on the TV to turn the TV off.

This should place the TV in standby mode.

Standby means that the power is connected to the TV from the wall outlet (which is on) but the TV has not been switched on using either the power button on the TV or the remote control.

The power LED on the front of the TV is red in the standby mode indicating that the TV is ready to be turned on and green when the TV has been switched on. If it is red and then it doesn't turn on when the power button is pressed on the TV or the remote is another matter ;-)

If the remote control doesn't turn on/off the TV, have you checked that the batteries are OK?

If so use a digital camera (a mobile phone camera will work) to test the remote is working.

Point the end of the remote that you normally point towards the TV at the camera lens and then press and hold any button. You should see a light flashing at the end of the remote when looking at the camera's LCD screen.

If you see no light at all try another button or perform the test using a known working remote control unit to ensure that you're doing it right.

Try pressing other less used button on the remote first rather than the Power button, CH Up/Dn or the Volume Up/Dn buttons. to prove that the remote is working, as these buttons are the most used and may have literally been worn out. (the contact material on the underside of the button that is)

Once you have proved that the remote is working try the Power button etc and check if they also are working OK.

If the remote works OK but doesn't turn on/off the TV ensure that the IR receiver window (bottom left front below the screen) is not being blocked by something. After that it may be a problem with the IR board in the TV


How do I on my panasonic viera Tc-L32c3 from standby without remote


No red light does not always indicate a catastrophic event. My Panasonic 42” plasma will do it if the power goes out. Sometimes take a days for it to come on. No blown fuses, all power strips and wall outlet good. 120v going to power board, but 0V at the voltage regulator. Its strange.


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Hi @asap911 ,

Try using the controls on the TV.

Press either the Power button or if that doesn’t work perhaps the Menu button.

Here’s a link that shows the TV controls for your model TV

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The key here is that there is no standby light at all. This is usually an indication of some type of catastrophic failure of the power supply. It might be as simple as a blown fuse given that you said that the power “popped”. Check that first. The fuse should be easily located. Change/check that first and update this with the results. If that does not resolve the problem, post a picture of the power board for starters and we’ll provide additional info and instructions.


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Hi Dan, Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my plea!! I’ve checked fuse for the TV plug but that’s ok. Interestingly the TV remote doesn’t illuminate & I’ve changed the batteries but it still doesn’t! Have taken pic of main board but don’t know how to post on this page….

thanks again


andrea to post images you have to attache them to your question. Use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda for that. You also need to tell us what exact model your TV is


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Hi @cacornett58 ,

What is the model number of the TV?

The standby power light coming and going indicates a loose connection or a poor connection (dry solder joint?) that may be affected by temperature perhaps i.e. cold contracts- no connection, heat expands - good connection. It doesn't take too much to make for a poor connection.

The low voltage signal from the power board to the mainboard that power is available so the standby LED would be on, could be disrupted as the voltage (5 -11V DC) can't as easily overcome the possibly higher resistance connection as would 120V AC.

You may have to check if there is a service manual available online for your TV and hopefully that is has a schematic of the power board so that you can initially trace back the standby power circuit.

Just search for Panasonic (insert full model number) service manual to hopefully find results

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My Panasonic Smart TV went into standy mode and refuses to on. I have tried every buttons on the remote and even switch off the TV from the power socket for 5mins. The standby mode will turn to green when you on and immediately go to red light after a minute. Pls, i need a help urgently.


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