New battery: lightning icon blinks, won't turn on

Hi everyone,

I bought a second hand Moto Z Play (XT1635-01), and the battery swelled up after a bit of usage so I bought a new one plus some Tesa tape from iFixit; it took some time to replace and the first charge went smoothly so I left it unplugged to see how long it’d last.

At 63%, it turned off by itself like it did with the old battery. I turned it back on, and it booted alright at the same % but shut down shortly. When I plugged the charger, it went through a few cycles of (lightning bolt in a circle -> charging LED blinks -> black screen) before showing a % indication, but it wouldn’t boot: the light blue Moto screen shows for a second and it starts allover again.

Current status: No % indicator, just the lightning icon loop. The only “stable” screen I can reach is the bootloader mode, which alternatively shows “Battery Low (Charging)” and “Battery OK”. Trying to boot system or recovery gets me 1 second of blue screen so I can’t even wipe/reset it.

Did I get a bad battery?

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I installed a battery purchased from ifixit. It won't start. I plugged it in and the led flashed for a few minutes then went off - all the while the lightning bolt is flashing in the middle of the screen but no percentage or charging is showing. Bootloader screen shows and Battery OK is reflected. I also get only 1 second of blue screen when I press restart. Only difference therefore is that I never got a first charge. HELP.


OK - so it appears that the battery cable was not seated firmly. It now "sounds" like it is booting up and vibrates when I touch the fingerprint sensor. But - I may have damaged the screen this last time because it is now black. I will let the batter charge for a few hours (turbo charger) and then take a look again.


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