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Il P9 Plus è la versione premium del top di gamma Huawei P9. Realizzato con case unibody, ha una doppia fotocamera posteriore, sviluppata in collaborazione con Leica e 64 GB di memoria intera, espandibile fino a 1 TB con una scheda microSD.

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Not charging ( % drop while charging ) and not recognizing in PC

about after a month of using my P9+ the first thing started to happen is that over the time charging time with increasing and after a while it got even worth it would take about 12 hours to charge up the phone

so I have replaced the charger and the cable still not charging replaced it agin and still not charging and I bought it from abroad so the warranty is not valid her

did a factory reset and still not charging


I have just replaced the charging board and I thought that the problem was there but it is still not charging after all

I don't Know what to do

any help


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Have you been using cheap car chargers? That may have contributed to the charging circuit getting damaged.

It's most likely an on logic board issue with charging ic chip getting damaged, once that stops working charging stops working completely and additionally probably detecting on computer too.

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no I have been using the original charger that came with the phone .

so is this IC On the main board can be replaced ?


It sure can be replaced but unfortunately it's near impossible to find someone that does it or has the part. The only way to get the part is to take it from another phone if it can't be found online. It requires someone that does micro soldering with a microscope and a soldering iron also a hot-air rework station.

Usually I would suggest you to take the phone back to Huawei for warranty replacement (contact them first via phone support before doing so) but since you have opened up the phone you have most likely voided the warranty sticker which is a white sticker on top of a screw (I've personally opened up my Huawei P9 without voiding warranty as the sticker is right on a screw for the battery connector cover on my one).

I mean the Huawei P9 / P9 plus was released on 29 April 2016 which means the device would of been in warranty still if you bought it on or after 4th of May 2016.


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hi ben, i have send you an email regarding this problem. kinly check and we could discuss there.

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