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Released in 2012, the Asus N76VZ is a 17-inch laptop with a screen resolution of 1600x900 pixels or 1920x1080 pixels. It has a 3rd-generation Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia graphics card inside.

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Why doesn't my computer boot?

My Asus it's starting, open the lights on keyboard, and have a black screen. I can't go on bios, or other commands. Can you please advise me?

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Did you find the problem?


I didn't find the solutions to fix it.


Just got the laptop today went to boot through usb for fresh windows install/upgrade from win 7 and now no post and no power through the usb drive....

Unfortunatly i can't use the keyboard on the laptop so I use external key board my and the lights don't flash up and my usb had a LED and it won't flash either.....

Help would be much appreciated as i have little money to send it in bUT will if I have to....



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Has anyone found the fix? It was running fine as soon as I put boot order #1 to usb drive for fresh install of windows it won't post and the usb ports won't work and only way to get use laptop is external keyboard….. i think I'm screwed

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