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Post originale di: Guy Tsabary ,



In the last 2 year I encounterted  endless intolerable  '''Constant System Updates notifications which were ended with failure any time I agreed.'''

To be more accurate, my phone is Motorola Moto g 4th generation (XT1625, MPJ24.139-64 (android 6.01) Amazon edition).

Motorola/Lenovo suppport team did not answer my requests and non of the alternatives offered  in the internet helped me.

Every once in a while I tried to find a solution and here is '''a  workaround I found this week''':

If you follows the instructions of '''dosangst'''  in “[|'''Moto G Amazon Edition - Remove app that displays ads with one simple command'''] “

and replaces the adb shell command

pm uninstall -k --user 0


pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.motorola.ccc.ota

you will cease the update notifications!!

Further explanation: com.motorola.ccc.ota is the system/programmer name of  “motorola update services “ which you see if you go to  Settings>>Apps & notifications>>3 dots (Top right corner)>>Show system>> ( Scroll down) till you get "Motorola Update Services app".

Notice thuogh that this is only a workaround of the real problem (of failing to upgrade your firmware)

and that you will not get a firmware updated to the newer versions (of android 7 - Nougat and so on).