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Did your phone drop in water? If you accidentally drop your cell phone in water, you need to dry the water immediately, otherwise it will damage your phone, Including LCD screen cannot touch.

If it's not water problem, you can try the following method.

1. Wipe the screen with a clean and dry cloth to make sure that your touchscreen is clean. Make sure that your hands and fingers are clean and dry before using the touchscreen.

2. If the Moto Z2 Play gets too hot, the touch functionality may be affected. Let it cool off and then try using the touchscreen again.

3. Remove any protective case or cover from your Moto Z2 Play to verify it's not interfering with the touchscreen.

4.  Try to tear it down and check whether its LCD screen flex cable is loose.

However, if the methods above can not fix the screen problem, then you should turn to the hardware solution: change a new screen. [|Here] we also provide a video repair guide for Z2 Play LCD screen replacement.

I hope this will help you!