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Unisciti a riparatori di tutto il mondo e impegnati ad aggiustare più cose quest'anno.

Save money. Protect the planet. Make stuff work again.

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I will learn to fix things I didn’t think I could.

Comprerò cose che sono costruite per durare.

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E condividerò ciò che ho imparato lungo la strada.

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24960 people have taken the repair pledge:

We're just getting started.
Here is how you can help:

Difendi il tuo diritto alla riparazione

If you own it, you should be able to fix, modify, and improve it. Many manufacturers claim that repair information is for their eyes only. That's not OK. It’s time to take back our right to repair.

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Dillo ai tuoi amici

If you believe in repair, don't keep it a secret. Hang a Self-Repair Manifesto poster in your garage, office, or workshop. Print one yourself—or we'll send you posters for free if you cover shipping.

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Dona hardware usato

There are so many repair guides to be written that we've asked students to help. Donate a device to the University Tech Writing Program—you'll support education and help us write more critical repair instructions.

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Unisciti al nostro team di azione

When repair comes up for a vote, we need a worldwide network of repair foot soldiers who will make phone calls, knock on doors, and spread the word. Are you ready to mobilize?

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iFixit: Welcome to Repair 2.0

Our stuff doesn't just disappear when we toss it away. There’s no such thing as "away" anymore—especially when it comes to electronics.

Our castoff products are impacting the environment. But working together, we can improve lives, communities, and the planet.