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[* black] The image sensor can be inspected or replaced without further disassembly of the lens. However, any dust or fingermarks may have a major impact on image quality and so it should preferably be left alone.
[* black] With a small craft knife, scrape away the locking glue from the 3 screws securing the image sensor plate to the back of the lens. Take care to remove any loose fragments of glue which might fall into the lens.
[* black] Remove the 3 screws and gently ease the image sensor away, keeping the lens face-down on the bench. Put the sensor aside, safe from dust contamination, such as in a self-sealing polythene bag.
[* black] With the image sensor plate removed, three tiny springs will be seen in the lens back plate. These are very easily lost. Remove them with fine tweezers and put them somewhere safe.