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[* icon_note] This is Figure 2.
[* red] Locate the three bolts that are displayed on Figure 2 (They will have red circles identifying them).
[* red] Use the 64 bit driver and the PH 0 bit to unscrew the three bolts holding the battery.
[* black] Label a spot on the magnetic mat “BATTERY BOLTS” and put the bolts there.
[* green] Use the Blunt Tweezers from the Tool Kit to disconnect the battery connections from the motherboard (Refer to Figure 2, Battery connection is identified with a Green circle).
[* black] Once the battery is free remove it and place the new battery in its place.
[* red] Secure the battery back with the three bolts from your magnetic mat.
[* green] After screwing the bolts in, connect the battery connection back to the motherboard.

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