This guide will inform readers on how to replace the screen which may stop working.

  1. Turn the laptop over to place it top down.
    • Turn the laptop over to place it top down.

    • Use a Phillips #1 screwdriver to remove the screw holding in the back plate. This screw does not come out of the plate.

    • Lift the back plate off the laptop, exposing the RAM and Hard Disk.

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  2. Turn the laptop face down to expose the back.
    • Turn the laptop face down to expose the back.

    • Locate the battery.

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    • Locate the battery latches. The battery latch mechanism can be compared to a door -- The right latch, when pushed right, unlocks the battery, while the left latch, when pushed left, releases the battery, pushing it out from its container.

    • Push the latch on the right to the right to unlock the battery latch locking mechanism.

    • Push the battery latch on the left to the left to unlock the battery.

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    • With the left battery latch pushed left, remove the battery from its port by lifting the battery from the middle of the battery.

    • The battery will come free.

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    • Using a Phillips #0 screwdriver, remove the single 3mm screw.

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    • Rotate the laptop so that you have access to the optical drive.

    • The optical drive is now only attached by a port in the drive's back. The optical drive can be pulled straight out of its housing.

    • Remove the drive.

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    • Unscrew the hard drive.

      • There could be up to five 3mm screws - One on each corner of the hard drive, and one at one end of the hard drive, attaching the drive to the laptop's frame.

    • Carefully push the hard drive away from its port. This should not require substantial force.

    • Lift the hard drive out.

      • Some hard drives have a plastic tab, which can be lifted from to remove the hard drive.

      • Otherwise, take hold of opposite sides of the hard drive and lift the drive straight up.

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    • Unscrew the screws circled in red. This includes eleven 6mm screws, and one 5mm screw underneath where the optical drive was housed. All screws can be removed with a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

    • Carefully remove the back cover. The battery holder contains notches that help hold the case in place, so take care not to break those.

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    • Remove the two 5mm screws on the fan assembly using a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

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    • Unplug the fan's connection to the motherboard.

    • Lift the fan from the laptop.

    • Use a soft cloth to clean the dust away from where the fan was.

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    • Remove the two screws in each speaker using the Phillips #0 Screwdriver.

    • Gently lift out the speakers out of the chassis.

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    • Using the Phillips #0 screwdriver, remove the 3mm retention screw from the display connector.

    • Unplug and remove the display connector by pulling the connector free.

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    • Remove the screen by removing two screws from both hinges using the #0 Phillips screwdriver.

    • Once the hinges have been unscrewed separate the screen from the body containing the motherboard.

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    • The removed laptop screen should have the daughterboard and speakers attached to it via wires upon removal.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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