Replace the aging built-in keyboard.


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  1. Flip the computer over.
    • Flip the computer over.

    • Remove the two 24.1mm Phillips screws near the front of the case.

    • Remove the five 33.0 mm Phillips screws towards the back of the case.

  2. Carefully flip the computer right side up.
    • Carefully flip the computer right side up.

    • Lift off the top half of the case.

    • Near the motherboard, gently pull the keyboard ribbon cable until it becomes free.

    • Lift the keyboard out of the case.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This only applies for Color Computers issued after the CoCo 1 F Board (as shown) RS catalog 26-3004 and subsequent models (CoCo 2 & 3). Early editions of the CoCo 1 had not a mylar ribbon cable like this but a heavier ribbon composed of actual wires, the connector they went into was also built for this type of ribbon. The keyboards on each category of connecting ribbon are sadly not interchangeable.

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