This guide for the Nintendo 2DS will teach you how to access the trigger buttons to remove them for cleaning or replacement.


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Remove the two Phillips screws securing the upper rear panel.
  • Remove the two Phillips screws securing the upper rear panel.

  • The screws will not completely detach from the back panel.

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Hinge the upper rear panel upwards and outwards to remove it.
  • Hinge the upper rear panel upwards and outwards to remove it.

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  • Remove the battery from its housing by lifting it up from the side closest to the outside edge.

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  • Remove the ten Phillips screws attaching the rear panel.

Can't take off the screw top left next to the battery. What type of screwdriver do I use and where can I find some?

Little Mac - Replica

  • The rear panel is attached to the motherboard by a ribbon cable, so be careful not to lift the rear panel too far from the device.

  • Carefully pull the rear panel straight up from the device.

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  • Carefully flip the back panel over to locate the attached ribbon cable.

  • Remove the two Phillips screws attaching the ribbon cable to the rear panel.

  • Take the opportunity to remove the Left and Right triggers, they have hinges that may break and springs that may jump away.

You can also detach the cable from the motherboard safely by flipping up the connector on the motherboard. Just don't forget to reattach. Some will find this tedious but may save time if you know what you're doing with said connectors.

pivotanimationz - Replica

pay attention: my 2ds dropped it's lens covers at this step

Jos van Reenen - Replica

The picture you have there has the camera lens ribbon installed upside down. The ribbon needs to be pointing down when you re-attach it not up.

Rick Parrish - Replica

  • The trigger buttons have small springs attached to them, so be careful when removing the buttons from the device.

  • Pull the trigger button away from the device to remove it.

Thanks so much for these instructions. My nine year-old son just got Pokemon Sun and Moon on Friday evening. He had been talking about it non-stop for several months. On Saturday, he managed to bend the plastic lip on the base of his 2DS right trigger - the trigger button no longer worked. He was devastated, because we thought he had permanently broken his 2DS. We were afraid he would have to wait until Christmas (over a month away) before we could get him a new one.

I found these instructions via Google, followed them to take apart his 2DS and remove the trigger button. I gently bent the plastic lip of the trigger back with needle nose pliers, reassembled the 2Ds, and the trigger worked perfectly! He now thinks I am the greatest dad in the world.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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