If the trackpad of your device needs to be replaced, use this guide to remove the trackpad from your device.


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  1. Remove the battery by sliding this switch to the right.
    • Remove the battery by sliding this switch to the right.

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  2. Slide out the battery.
    • Slide out the battery.

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    • Remove all screws on the rear side of the laptop using the Phillips #00 screwdriver.

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    • Locate the sliver bar on the side of the laptop as in the picture here.

    • Push the sliver bar downwards.

    • The trackpad should pop up.

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    • Push the gray bar down and the trackpad should pop up by itself.

    • If not then gently push the bar down while using your other hand to gently pull the trackpad up.

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    • Finally remove the trackpad.

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    • Congratulations you have removed the trackpad. You can make sure its clean.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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