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This video shows you how to teardown the LG V20 completely. Come here and know how to disassemble LG V20.

LG V20 has a removable battery,which is incredibly convenient. And make us easy to replace the battery. This video will show how to remove the components on LG V20 device.

We will upload other repair guide of LG V20 as soon as possible. Tell us which part of LG V20 you want to repair at comment section.

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This is not a teardown video, this is a trick and tips.

NateThompson114 - Replica

They must have had a different video when you watched. This is definitely a teardown (5:46 in length).

brentfugett -

How do I replace/repair antenna connections? The video is useful, but I don’t know what the different pieces are along the way.

Steve - Replica

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