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How to fix Logitech G600 intermittent keypad buttons

  1. How to fix Logitech G600 intermittent keypad buttons, How to fix Logitech G600 intermittent keypad buttons: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • Pry up the button and clean the top of the housing wall.


Disassembly notes:

  • 4 P00 screws hold the mouse together: 1 under each corner of the glide pads which can be peeled up slowly without tearing the adhesive layer. I used a paper punch to punch holes for "next time".
  • The ribbon cable is held with a ZIF "lift and flip" style connector.
  • 4 P00 screws internally hold the top shell together -- 2 are concealed under the steel weights.
  • The side keypad bracket is clipped on (no screws) with 2 snap points at each of the 4 corners, top and bottom. Pry each one up carefully with a thin blade while applying some gentle wedging force to pull the bracket off and keep each corner from snapping back on. The plastic is very thin, but with care you won't break it. When reassembling, make sure all 8 points are snapped back into place.
  • The keypad circuit board has 2 center screws with larger heads -- don't remove them. They are very small and tight and need a very good P00 screwdriver. They hold the button assembly together which you don't need to separate to clean. Just remove the 2 end screws to remove the button assembly from the keypad bracket.

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